Words From a Brave Heart (By Sam Wolfe)

Two selections from Sam’s essay in See Sam Run — the first paragraph begun in November 2005, the last paragraph in August 2006, after Sam graduated from high school.

This summer, my mom won first prize on a book about me when I was very young. The book is getting published in a year or two. The newspaper already reported her results and her pictures with me in the newspaper. I now have to write about my life right now until January 2006. When I write this story, the book will be able to get published. When the book gets published, my mom will keep her story and so will I. My grandparents and many other relatives in my family will even keep this story when it gets published.
On the night of the Homecoming dance, I went to the Olive Garden in Denton with the special education class. After dinner, we went to the dance. I didn’t have a dance partner, like I did when Maggie and I went to the junior-senior prom, but I did enjoy the dance a little bit.
During the 4-H Gold Star Banquet, the Denton County Judge presented me with the Brave Heart Scholarship Award, which made me feel like I was one of the bravest 4-H members.