Best Birthday Ever …

The beauty of a summer birthday is the terrific parties you can have. Paige had some wonderful ones growing up, swim parties and slip-and-slide parties and going-to-Shakespeare-in-the-Park parties. The best one I remember was when she turned 6 or 7 and we loaded up the family and a bunch of her friends, and even a few friends’ parents, in the old school bus and drove to the pool in Highland Village where we inherited a membership (shout out to Sue B and Brian K for that one). Everybody swam and the girls played a fishing game in the baby pool and we ate an ice cream bombe cake that looked like a watermelon and Paige opened presents on the drive back.

I think her 21st birthday abroad has outdone it.

P.S. Don’t glaze over when Paige gives her critique of the K-pop bands. She knows things. Two summers ago she showed me a YouTube clip of this obscure, goofy dancing guy that about 100,000 people had seen. Turned out to be Psy and Gangnam Style (266 million views and counting).

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