Overheard in the Wolfe House #195

Sam: Did you remember that music I was playing last night?

Peggy: No.

Sam: Oh, I thought you did.

Peggy: Should I remember?

Sam: It was from Super Mario, Nintendo 64 version. Remember?

Peggy: No. I only remember that you played that game a lot. Did you pick the music out and write it, or did you download it?

Sam: I found it on YouTube. It would always sound like it was going up. Like the stairs at the end of the game. They went up and up and up. Do you remember that?

Peggy: No.

Sam: They had to work the repeat so that the music always sounded like it was going up. (pauses) It took a bunch of us to beat Bowzer at the end.

Peggy: Really? Who all helped?

Sam: Michael, and other people — and Dad.

Peggy: Wow.

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