Random thoughts on hitting the 1,000-mile mark

In the first mile of today’s 4.5-mile run, I rolled over 1,000 miles on my jogging log. I used to run 1.5 miles and called it good. That’s just a warm-up now.You can rack up more miles, faster, if you register for race(s). (Race to train, as RunnerSusan says.) Some of the miles have been logged on trails deep in the Cross Timbers forest. Friends warn me of a mountain lion and her cub roaming on a favorite route down the road. What I still fear most is a distracted parent in an SUV. I don’t run with earbuds and music — on solo runs, there is birdsong, and on buddy runs, conversation. Logging miles on your personal odometer is curiously different than your vehicle’s odometer. Too bad changing the tires doesn’t have the same effect on the truck as lacing up new running shoes.


  1. Runner Susan on October 31, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    You could almost run across Texas. Not.

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