Random thoughts on the Cowtown Easter 5K

Getting up early on Saturday and lining up with hundreds of people to run around, raising money for charity, is a nice way to connect with humanity. But, standing at the start line for 45 minutes waiting for a freight train downstream to clear out is its own kind of endurance test. A 5K feels like barely getting started after years of training for half-marathons. A man in a bunny suit with whiskers, pink ears and a pink pom-pom tail while also wearing a leather vest and carrying a six-shooter, even in the Fort Worth Stockyards, is just creepy. From a distance, an Iowan seeing your shirt and saying “Hey! A Hawkeye!” kind of sounds like “Hey! A Hot Guy!” Michael came in under 22 minutes, I finished under 25. Once you have kids, your whole life, you’re always chasing them.


Happy Easter, y’all!

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