Advanced Arduino fun

For his birthday, I gave Sam two books with advanced Arduino projects after he worked his way through the initial project book over at The Forge, the maker space at Denton’s North Branch Library.

He made a short video of one of his three builds Monday night.

More fun with Arduino

I asked Sam if these little Arduino computer-building projects he does once a month at North Branch Library was just building, or coding, too.

He says he has to edit code to get the devices to do what he wants them to do.

Here are two more short videos of the results of the build. A timepiece and a pinwheel (but you tell me if it doesn’t make you think of a jumping bean.)


Building Arduinos

Tonight was Sam’s second time to go to North Branch Library and their meet-up group for Arduino. Sam says there’s a lot to explain about Arduino. “The possibilities are endless,” he says. “You can build drones. But today, it was mostly about building electronic musical instruments.”

For example, he built this little theremin today.

He calls it a light theremin because it changes its sound frequency based on different levels of light.

He also built this little keyboard. “It’s not exactly a keyboard,” Sam says. “It’s just buttons.”