No Surprise Here

Stanford has come out and said the environment is a significant factor in autism causation.

This is not a surprise in the Wolfe house.

At one time, Mark and I hoped that we could be included in a class action suit being filed against those who had polluted on the east side of Sacramento, including Aerojet and Mather AFB. The same law firm that had pursued the hexavalent chromium case against PG&E, the story that become the movie Erin Brockovich, had found a cluster of autism and thyroid disorders there.

The problem for us was, we were living in an apartment complex one street too far west. We couldn’t be in the class because we weren’t living in the Rancho Cordova zip code when I became pregnant with Sam — or so the pre-screening went.

I pushed back hard on the legal clerk who interviewed us. Really, just one street over?


I learned that day that science and law are two very different things.

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