Not an adjective

I love playing with language.

For me, reading and trying new word combinations can be as exciting the unexpected deliciousness of eating watermelons and tomatoes together, or layering old favorites from my closet in a new, flattering combination.

But I couldn’t muster the stuff for a tech writer who described a tablet-only publication — as in a newspaper subscription for your iPad with no external links — as an “autistic app.”


First and foremost, autistic is misused as an adjective. And any editor who let that slide needs a refresher course, not only in English but also in People First language. You show respect when saying “he has autism” instead of “he’s autistic.” Two steps way back with that.

Here are some reefers to real apps … just in case you were wondering …

Some of them look marvelous and it makes me wonder how we ever made it, hauling around that little crate of vocabulary cards.

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