Or, what color is your parachute?

The awesome guide for job hunters. I read it when I was in my early 20s, it helped so much.

Earlier this year, I picked up a fresh edition. It could be with Michael or Paige, they are job hunters these days, too. That’s ok. Good books should get passed around. For Sam and me, I know the author, Dick Bolles, is online now with JobHuntersBible.

Sam and I are chipping away at his search. The resume needed work. He started it in Microsoft Word with an awful template. In the computer world, job-hunters need to list all that stuff they know, like programming language and operating systems. They can’t get by on a chronological summary of jobs and responsibilities.

Who knew?

In my world, that seems little like including “writes in complete sentences; knows AP style.”

But, at a recent workshop (thanks ARC of Northeast Texas!), I learned to be shameless about helping him. Texas has no services; no one else is going to help him. Tonight, we uploaded this handsome photo to his LinkedIn profile.

The resume should be uploaded some time this week.

If you’re on LinkedIn, please look for him. Connections, endorsements, feedback on the resume, all are welcome.

Maybe we can crowd-source a job for this terrific guy.



  1. TXsharon on November 21, 2012 at 5:51 am

    I will look for him on LinkedIn when I get my Internet working again. I would sure hire him!

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