Sam, age 9, makes pudding

From kindergarten through 8th grade, Sam spent one afternoon a week in the clinic with occupational therapy students at Texas Woman’s University — usually two students would be working with him under the supervision of the professor in a clinical practicum. At the end the of the term, each student would plan a program for Sam and videotape it as their final project.

He pursued a wide range of activities in the clinic that helped him become more coordinated. By the time of this project — Sam is about 9 1/2 years old — he was on his way to following multi-step directions, interacting with people, staying on task with jobs that might otherwise make him uncomfortable.

We took cues at home from lots of these experiences. For example, Sam, Michael and Paige participated in 4H food events. It was no small victory in high school to help him build confidence using both the stove and the oven.

For entertainment value, this 11-plus-minute video is about on par with watching any home movie, but if you are looking for ideas to work with a child with autism, this is good stuff. Enjoy.

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