Smart as a 5th grader #1

Sam’s journal from 5th grade doesn’t have the charm and pithiness of his earlier journals, but re-reading his entries, it’s clear that he was ready for middle school. The teachers worked hard to plan his transition, and Mark and I really sweated it, but looking back — you’ll see, too — we didn’t need to worry.

Aug. 14, 1998

My goal is the A-B honor roll all year. The thing I know how is to work hard.


We did our Diamante today. This tells all about me, as a person.


This weekend, I was working on my house. It was upstairs. I’m building a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs. It will be the guest bedroom.


The weather outside at recess is hot. I played with Carly and Maria. We played tag. And I got so hot that I had to go inside and watch a movie. The name of the movie was The Fox and The Hound. I only had to watch a little bit of it because Mrs. Boren came by and she needed me.

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