Guidepost Four

Decisions that keep family preservation in mind can positively affect your child’s quality life.

That ethical consideration almost seems like a no-brainer until you think about families that have put everything on hold in order to help their child. That kind of self-sacrifice seems noble at first, but on closer examination shows its flaws.

Most of us are dealing with something that lasts a lifetime, not a few years. Decisions need to keep in mind that this is about the rest of your life, your child’s life, your family’s life.

Be sure to communicate your unique family values and culture to the caregivers in your life. Give them a chance to honor those and reinforce what is important to your family.

Everyone will have to learn skills to support the child, and figure out ways to include your child in family and community life, while still honoring the needs of the whole family.

As you plan for your family, short and long term goals and procedures need to think about current settings for the family and the community, as well as transition processes for future settings.

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