This is just about the nicest thing a peer has ever said about me … dunno whether it was Gayle Reaves, or Jeff Prince, or Peter Gorman, or another one of those tenacious journalists over at the Fort Worth Weekly who wrote this, but I’ve got tears in my eyes.

I’ve long respected and admired their work and have been jealous at times that alt-weeklies have more ink to accomplish what needs to be said. And the Weekly knows that when it comes to the Barnett Shale, A LOT more needs to be said.

But, as The Hollies sang on the radio on the way home from Arlington today (from yet another public hearing on the hydraulic fracturing frenzy) and as if just to me …


  1. TXsharon on October 17, 2011 at 1:23 am

    I read that the Weekly honored you. But then I got busy with something and failed to congratulate you. No one is more deserving.

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