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Love people. Cook them tasty food.

Penzey’s Spices started in my home state of Wisconsin. I’m pretty sure I’ve been a customer for decades, because I remember reaching for a Penzey’s jar the first time I made so many recipes that I’ve been making for decades …

Roast chicken with lemon and rosemary …

Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon …

Pasta with ginger and garlic …

They used to have just the one store near Milwaukee and I ordered by mail. They have shops all over the country now, but we still order online.

If your order is large enough, they’ll send you a little sample of something. For a few years, they kept sending me a spice blend, BBQ 3000. I guess maybe they thought since I lived in Texas, I would need a lot of that.

Like most Texas meat lovers, I think, I like to mix my own.

This last order, they let me know in a pop-up window what the freebie would be, and asked if it was ok. Dill weed. I clicked yes.

When the box arrived, they’d also sent a colorful bumper sticker. I didn’t put it on my truck. I put it in my front window, because it’s just such a beautiful sentiment.

Love people. Cook them tasty food.

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