Overheard in the Wolfe House #209

Sam (after nearly 20 years with Riding Unlimited): As I was leaving, I took one last look around at the place.

Peggy: Were you sad?

Sam: Not really. I’ll still see Pat at Chisholm Challenge and Special O. I get to see Tracy and Anita and Mary again. (pauses) I couldn’t give that up.


  1. Peggy on November 28, 2012 at 3:35 am

    Sam took a long time to make the decision to leave RU and start up at Born 2 Be. I did my best to support him as he thought it through. He spoke tonight of how hard transitions are. I’m really glad I stepped back, even though it was tempting at times to think I could “protect” him by not telling him things he needed to know, as any adult would need and expect to be told. Many decisions in his life, before now, came after we suggested it to him — driving, college, jobs. This one he did completely on his own, and I’m really proud of how he figured it out. The staff at RU were class acts through it all, as were his old friends that are now at Born 2 Be. Transitions are a part of life. This one could have been so much worse for him, but it wasn’t because he kept his right to self-determination. Thanks to everyone who stayed patient with him. It made all the difference.

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