Overheard in the Wolfe House #81

(after arriving home from the Bartonville Town Council meeting)
Sam: Did that go alright?
Peggy: Yes, they are starting the moratorium.
Sam: I was afraid my behavior wasn’t right.
Peggy: Oh, honey you were fine. I told you it’s just like church. You have to sit a long time.
Sam: I didn’t think they were ever going to stop talking about that water tower.


  1. TXsharon on March 22, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    I didn’t think they would ever stop talking about the tower either, Sam. I thought it was ironic that they worried about having to look at the water tower and not what’s in their water.

    I wasn’t sure about my behavior either because I kept asking Michael, “Is this for real?”

    I’m glad you came, Sam. We need all the reasonable people we can get.

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