Pay it forward awards

From Texas Parent to Parent:

The TxP2P Paying It Forward Awards recognize the best in Family Support for families of children with disabilities, chronic illness or special health care needs. There are two categories: Parent Support Category (support provided by another parent or family member of a child with a disability) and Family Support Category (support provided from professional, service provider or anyone other than another parent). The winning stories will receive a trophy and free registrations to the TxP2P Annual Parent Conference for the winner and the parent who nominated them. First and second runners-up will receive a gift card.

So, what do you need to do?
  • Write a one-page story about Family Support and include a photograph of your family or child (500 words or less)
  • Complete Nomination Form* or attach information onto your story or email
  • Mail or email your entry no later than April 1st, 2013
  • You will hear from us if your story is a finalist by April 15th and it will be posted on the website for on-line voting that will begin April 22nd
  • We will contact you by June 6th if you are one of the two winners or runners-up
  • We will announce the winners at the conference on Friday July 26th.
TxP2P will use these stories after the award contest as family stories for grants, fundraising and raising the awareness of the importance of family support for our families.

You can submit your nomination online.


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