Smart as a 5th grader #5


At Recess, I played Duck, Duck, Goose. It’s when people sit in a circle and one person walks around and when (s)he says goose, then the goose tries to get the duck, but if (s)he gets tagged, (s)he’s in the mushpot.


This 3-day weekend I had lots of fun. On Saturday I went places, but not very many. I knew I went to my mom’s work, but I went to DATCU, and other places, too. At DATCU, it had too many people at the drive-thru. On Sunday, I rested. Yesterday, I went to Eureka Park and went shopping.


This weekend, I had a great time. My Grandpa rested. He rested because he had a disease. It probably was a cold. On Saturday, my Grandma worked all day in my upstairs. And on Sunday, she rested.


I want my report card at a one hundred. One hundred is perfect and it’s an A+. You get an A at usual. Sometimes you can get an A-.

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