What we did on our Irish vacation

Paige put together a series of short videos that, as a good friend says, takes you with us to Ireland. We signed up for a bicycle tour with VBT.com, which kept us cycling for several hours a day most days. We spent most of our time along the Wild Atlantic Way: County Clare, the Aran Islands, Galway and Connemara. We also spent a little extra time in Dublin.


Episode 1: The one where Paige packs her suitcase

Episode 2: The one where we try to stay awake in Ennis

Episode 3: The one with the cliffs and the food

Episode 4: The one where its raining, just like in Harry Potter

Episode 5: The one with the Galway street performer

Episode 6: The one with the worm hole on the big island

Episode 7: The one with the traditional Irish music and dance

Episode 8: The one where we take a detour to the beach

Episode 9: The one where we saw the Book of Kells, a whisky distillery, the bog bodies but didn’t film any of it

Episode 10: The one with Christ Church Cathedral

Episode 11: The one where Paige runs with pigeons and finally tries a Guinness

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