With the upgrade to iPhones, Sam and I can now text each other. I’ve watched Sam play with spelling and language on Facebook and knew that he could handle some communication shortcuts. I’ve watched him use some numbers in place of letters. I was curious what our first crash-and-burn would be like texting.

Our first crash and burn came from the auto-correct.

Me: “Maybe charge the tractor when you fervor from work and let’s try to start it again tonight.”

When I pressed send, I saw that “fervor” was in place of “get home”.

(Awesome guess there, by the way, Mr. Auto-Correct Editor.)

Immediately, I followed that with: “Stupid auto correct. Get home, not fervor.”

Within 30 seconds, my phone was ringing.

“Mom, I did not understand your text message AT ALL.”

I didn’t even try to explain or translate.

“Sam, please just charge the tractor. I’ll explain what happened with the text when I get home.”

Damn You, Auto Correct.

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