Working Title

So, yes, I’m working on another book. My longtime friend, Shahla Alai Rosales, an applied behavior analysis professor at the University of North Texas, and I are putting together a parenting book on decision-making.

We recognized that parents make decisions for their young children everyday. But parents of children with disabilities often make more decisions, and sometimes for the duration of their child’s entire life. We wanted to put together timeless information for parents, guiding their decisions so that they result in lifelong happiness and satisfaction for their child and their family.

I told my co-worker, Lowell Brown (with whom I’d also like to co-author a book on the Barnett Shale someday) the working title for our parenting book:

Between Now and Dreams: A Parent’s Guide for Every Decision You’ll Ever Make.

Lowell’s deadpan response, “You think that’s comprehensive enough?”

Absolutely, dude. And we’re going to pack it all in a skinny little book that you can carry around in your brief case or purse.

We’re going to change the world.

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