Old-school cakes: Banana Split Cake

Regina has a birthday this month and we are going to celebrate by doing what we did last year: going to Johnny Cace’s for Sunday brunch. I’d always thought of that venerable Longview restaurant as a supper club, but last year we stumbled that way after the new Cracker Barrel had to close in the middle of the day because the power went out. Brunch was everything you’d expect from a New Orleans-inspired eatery.

But, we’ll have to make the most of this weekend. They are closing soon.

I started going over Regina’s bountiful collection of cake recipes, to see if there’s something birthday-ish I can bake and bring her to celebrate.

I don’t think this one will travel well, but it starts in the way so many of my favorite desserts start: a graham cracker crust.





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