Wisdom matters

There’s been chatter among researchers about the benefit of wisdom in their work — the balancing of your own interests, with the interests of others, and the interests of the community (even God, or the environment).

I think it’s kind of funny that the new thing isn’t the latest, greatest technique or protocol, but this old thing called wisdom.

Now that I’m 50, of course, I understand the implications much more than when I was a desperate young mom of 27. Creativity matters still, but I’ve learned to fold other considerations when figuring out what it takes to solve a problem or make progress on a project.

Especially when it comes to supporting my kids as they launch their own lives.

I’m not talking about a “been there, done that” attitude, or excess skepticism, either, but a vigorous way of seeing things fresh, without throwing away all that you’ve learned so far. There really is no place to stand except on the shoulders of the people who’ve come before you.

What wisdom can I give Sam and his support team as he makes this transition from school-to-work? Much of that wisdom is already his, perhaps its better for me to help him see it in himself. Really, how is it different than the support Michael needs, or Paige for that matter? Except that Sam might have a little more trouble than most of us at deciphering the social codes of the “job hunt.”

I think it’s time to pick up a fresh edition of What Color is Your Parachute? and reacquaint myself with that old wisdom.

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